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What makes my services unique?

I offer women a unique service simply because:

  • I serve "what you need", not organisational "KPI's"

  • I operate outside of the clinical medical system, working "with the system" (accreditation) but not "in the system" 

  • I offer a flexible service including:

    • no GP referrals needed​

    • no long waiting periods

    • appointments outside of business hours

    • a private, warm, tranquil home-based counselling space

    • sessions over Skype & Zoom

    • sessions via mobile

  • I know what works & what doesn't

  • My expertise & skills have been forged in the fire of "grassroots lived experience" of human suffering & I have topped it up with very the best of both Western & Eastern psychological therapies

  • I "get it" 

  • My clients voices are heard.

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