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  • High level, high quality professional counselling & coaching to relieve distress / ‘recover’ from anxiety & depression (if cure not possible, then the ability to live an empowered & meaningful life, despite symptoms, is!)

  • Strengths and empowerment perspectives

  • Holistic individual ‘Person-in-Environment’ (physical, psychological, social, economic, political, cultural & spiritual) perspectives

  • Tools & coaching provided to take with you to use for the rest of your journey - you become your own therapist 


  • ​Therapy with you, not to you or for you - no power imbalances

  • Caring, compassionate & non-judgemental.​


Therapeutic toolbox includes:

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) + Mindfulness

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) + Mindfulness

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Brain-based Neuro-science integration techniques

  • Self-compassion

  • Meditation & Relaxation techniques

  • Confidence, Self-esteem & Self-worth building

  • Regaining Voice

  • Structured Problem Solving

  • Fatigue Management.


Reasonable, affordable hourly rate comparable to the Medicare Gap charged by accredited social work mental health practitioners.


“After suffering depression/anxiety I visited Menique for therapy sessions, her manner was both professional and empathetic. Menique was able to guide me through some of my darkest days coaching me and providing me with the tools I required to live a much fuller happier life. Whenever I have those dark/ anxious feelings creeping up on me again I’m able to resort to the techniques Menique provided to get myself back on track.”

Cherie, SA

“Menique was a huge help, more than can be understood, in helping me to cope with a difficult conflict resolution situation which I did not feel confident to deal with alone. She helped me position myself psychologically for the process ahead. I was aiming for accessing my voice which I had lost in my distress & a clearer understanding of the situation & my rights. Menique helped me access all of this & regain trust in myself. She guided me professionally with strengths & empowerment work. Because of that guidance, the outcome of the conflict resolution process that I attended alone worked out very differently than it otherwise would have. It ended up as a positive ongoing communication & change process, benefiting all parties. Because of Menique’s guidance, the situation worked out in a much better way for all of us”.

Natalie, SA

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