Therapeutic Recovery Counselling & Coaching

Why am I doing this?
Specialising in high level, high quality professional psychological therapy counselling and coaching from a unique lived experience that achieves wellbeing results; helping women relieve distress from and recover from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression; servicing Underdale and Adelaide and nationally over Skype.
Lotus blooming above muddy water

“Even curled into yourself in the depths of a muddy pond, like the lotus in full bloom, you can rise up above the muddy water and open and discover yourself, Beautiful, Strong, Empowered”

Hi, my name is Menique.

Decades of adversity with severe anxiety & depression & a long road to the What and How of "Recovery," (using every resource & skill available to me, including the legal "warrior" within), have moved me away from the practice of the law to something of much greater purpose ... i.e. to use the whole of my lived experience (now including powerful training in mental health recovery practice & a combination of the very best of Eastern & Western psychological techniques) to help other women suffering anxiety and depression achieve recovery too ... a higher purpose, truly meaningful to me. And so, here I am!

Warm regards, Menique


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