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Therapeutic Recovery Counselling & Coaching

Why am I doing this?
Specialising in high quality professional psychological therapeutic counselling & coaching. A unique lived experience that achieves well-being results! Helping women relieve distress & recover from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Servicing Underdale & Adelaide & Nationally. Tele-health via Skype & Zoom.
Lotus blooming above muddy water

“Even curled into yourself in the depths of a muddy pond, like the lotus in full bloom, you can rise up above the muddy water and open and discover yourself, Beautiful, Strong, Empowered”

Hi, my name is Menique!

I have 30 years lived experience of the silent human suffering of Anxiety & Depression. For me, a result of a chronic illness since childhood.

This lived experience extended into & beyond my 25 years' as a practising lawyer in Adelaide.

Decades of adversity combined with "legal warrior" skills motivated & empowered my "fight back" to "Recovery".

After retraining with a Masters of Social Work & skills training in a holistic mix of the best of Eastern & Western psychological therapies, my long road to the What and How of "Recovery" has moved me away from practising law & brought me to a higher purpose ... combining my whole lived experience + powerful recovery technique skills to help other women who suffer anxiety and depression achieve recovery too ...  


You are warmly welcomed to my Site. 


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